Authenticate and clean thousands of emails with Emaus

Abolish spams, bounces, and dirty emails without breaking your bank. So get hold of all bad emails before it reaches your database.

Numerous upload formats

Select from various forms. Such as CSV, TXT, XLS, XLSX, or ODS. 

Quick list cleaning

Our uniquely designed platform enables you to process bulk email lists. Verify up to 10,000 emails with great certainty takes less than an hour.

Complete customized verification report

Get access to detailed verification reports and get insight into metrics.

Select the preferred download option

Select the download option of your choice based on your email authentication process.

Removes duplicate emails

Our system abolishes duplicate emails from your list.

Multiple team account

Allow numerous team members to log in to the same account using single credit, monitor usage, and share the desired results.

Email List Checker
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How our email address verification works

Emaus enables you to authenticate email addresses in bulk or in real-time. Thousands of email addresses are processed every minute to find out invalid and spam emails. With the help of our online email validation, you will get a detailed report in the end.

Make your customer service stand out.​
Customize your reports and get insights into the metrics that matter.​
They help improve communication and make sense of massive amounts of data.​​
Do more with emaus

Don't let invalid email addresses destroy your list quality.

Are you worried about sending the perfect email? Authenticate and clean the email lists with Emaus. Let’s set up the highest inbox deliverability and safeguard the reputation of the sender. 

Include an online email checker to your online platform and block those incurable emails before reaching your database.

 Complete this entire process only in a few seconds. Get your free trial version.

Email List Checker
Email List Checker
Email List Checker
Email List Checker

Let’s create something extraordinary together.

Save hours on design and development and launch faster.

Email List Checker
Email List Checker