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 Make your life more accessible with your treasured marketing tools. Utilize Emaus assimilation to clarify your workflow. It’s time to convert your prospects into customers with Emaus!

 Explore Multiple Ways to Connect & integrate with your most loved platforms.

Move and drop

Drag and a drop method will help you check your email list with email validation.

Import from ESP

Get rid of all the junk from your email by implying it from your email service provider.

Upload from desktop

Our bulk email checker will let you upload it from your desktop in the most efficient way.

Upload using API

Confirm email using API to abolish foul emails from the list.

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And give its users real flexibility to create a dynamic, professional website in no time.

Email List Checker
How it works

Upload your list using any of the above options, verify and view your results.

Select your preferred list source: Select the file using drag and drop option or choose from your new marketing platform.

Import your list: Verify everything after confirming the list name, number of emails, and the overall cost.

Authenticate the list: View the list in real-time as deliverable, undeliverable, risky, unknown, and duplicate.

Get your results: View your clean email list and gear up and expand your ROI dispatching intelligent campaign.

Make your customer service stand out.​
Customize your reports and get insights into the metrics that matter.​
They help improve communication and make sense of massive amounts of data.​​
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The most reliable solution to demolish email deliverability

If you are worried about your reputation getting lower due to invalid emails. Then fret not? Emaus provides you a simple solution to stay out of trouble. 

Clear the email address before you send it. Emaus is here to help you eliminate the bounce rate by 90% and reduces the risk of getting blocked.

  •  Get a detailed, customized report and gain insights into the metrics that matter.
  • Get decent results.
  • Secure, efficient and fast list cleaning.
  • Quick removal of perilous emails.
  • Time saving
  • Completely hassle free
Email List Checker
Email List Checker
Email List Checker
Email List Checker

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Save hours on design and development and launch faster.

Email List Checker
Email List Checker